About us


The National Wildlife Policy 2020 and the National Wildlife Strategy 2030 recognize wildlife research and training as key pillars in wildlife conservation and management. In addition, wildlife research and training are enablers in the achievement of Vision 2030 and the big four agenda.

WRTI has been established with the understanding that wildlife research agenda needs to be more focused to provide reliable scientific information on emerging wildlife conservation and management challenges.

The institute is expected to provide:

  • Knowledge on the status of the country’s wildlife and their potential to facilitate optimised benefits from the wildlife resource;
  • Capacity development through training to enhance wildlife conservation and management;
  • Quality and comprehensive wildlife data and information to inform policy formulation.
Our Functions

Strategic Focus

The WRTI was established through the WCMA 2013 and the Board of the Institute was inaugurated on 10th August 2020. An Acting Director who is the Secretary to the Board was appointed on 23rd July 2020. As the first step towards operationalization of the Institute, a draft Strategic Plan 2020-2024 was developed whose strategic focus is to build structures and systems for effective delivery of its mandate. The content of the Strategic Plan includes: Situational Analysis, Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Initiatives, Key Performances Indicators, Budgets, Resource Mobilization, and Monitoring and Evaluation. TheStrategic Plan is submitted as a separate report.

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in wildlife research and training.

Our Mission

To conduct and coordinate wildlife research and training through innovative approaches to enable provision of accurate data and information to stakeholders for decision making.