Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The Division is responsible for effectively harnessing the efforts of business and corporate services, providing strategic leadership, expert advice and input to the Director and senior leadership team to ensure optimal utilization and management of the Institute’s resources. It also provides accountability in the functional areas of Human Resource and Administration, Finance and Accounts, Corporate Communication and Customer Service, Hospitality and Enterprise Development and ICT to drive the Institute’s capability and operational excellence in support of wildlife research and training in Kenya.

The Department is responsible for effective management of Human Resource and general administrative activities in the Institute.

The Department is responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance on financial and accounting matters.

The Department is responsible for ensuring implementation of quality communication strategy and realization of customer satisfaction and retention.

The Department is responsible for provision of quality service to customers and management of the business enterprise for financial sustainability.

The Department is e responsible for effective management of ICT systems & equipment and telecommunications system in the institute

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