Research Permitting and Compliance Department

Research Permitting and Compliance Department

The Department Coordinates Issuance of Research Permits related to Wildlife, Wildlife Protected and Non-Protected Areas. The permits are required for behavioral studies, field experimentations, field collections and sampling and laboratory analysis of the specimens. The permits cover studies of large mammals, small mammals, plants, water, soil, water, Arthropods, micro-organisms, as well as their derivatives The Department also coordinates preparation of Prior Informed Consent, Mutually Agreed Terms and Material Transfer Agreements in accordance to the Access Benefit Sharing as per the Nagoya Protocol. The Department coordinates the export of research material


This application form must be submitted together with the following (email to

  • A progress report on previous research
  • Letter of recommendation from Institution of Affiliation
  • Expired Research Permit
  • Expired NACOSTI licence
  • Compliance report with PIC/MAT (if it was developed/applicable)
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