Priority Projects

Endangered Species and Ecosystem research and monitoring

This will entail updating schedule 6 of the WCMA, 2013 on the listed endangered species using the IUCN National listing criteria. It will also include the development of species-specific monitoring programs in different conservation areas to guide the conservation and management of the species.

Habitat monitoring including invasive species mapping, control and management

To document wildlife habitat dynamics over time, the department intends to work with conservation partners in establishing land use and land cover changes over time. This will also entail the identification and mapping of alien/invasive species in the conservation areas including the development of strategies for control and management of the species. The establishment of seedling propagation centres and nurseries in the field stations will be prioritized to support habitat restoration initiatives in the conservation areas. The department will also work with others to monitor and control invasive animal species like house crows.

Development and maintenance of endangered species databases

The department will continue to keep records of all endangered species in the Country. The status of the listed and endemic species in all taxas will be collated and updated while the existing Elephant, rhino, sable, roan and carnivore databases will be maintained and updated.

Ecological monitoring programs for wildlife conservation areas

Towards supporting the regular aerial censuses, the department intends to support the field stations in developing species and habitat monitoring frameworks in line with the ecological monitoring protocol for wildlife conservation areas.- This will involve the establishment of long-term monitoring transects for vegetation, large mammals, small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects followed by field surveys and assessments using standard datasheets for consistency and repeatability.

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